Author: Twin Engine

With Coalition’s vision of where they wanted to go and recognizing that their team and culture were really important, they wanted to get it right from the start. One of the words used to describe them is “inspiring.” Their charm pulls you into wanting to be a part of their remarkable journey. Great company cultures ignite a movement people want to be part of and that’s what attracts people to Coalition. They have done a tremendous job at setting the course and saying, “Here's how we want it to end at the end of our quantum leap. Who wants to go on this ride with us?”

There are so many different strengths coming from each company – Element, Mission and Sharp. They all have risen up to the challenge and are making a difference. Their teams have a delicate balance of establishing a process, while also staying agile enough to be able to take care of all their customers and last-minute customer needs. 

When Coalition talks about radiating positivity, you can definitely sense it. There's an energy in the room or on the call whenever the team gets together and it’s always a positive energy of “we can” and “we are going to find a way.” This perpetuates and trickles down to both in what they do for sales and how they operate. When there’s a high-profile order, the whole team will jump through hoops in order to make it happen and deliver. There is a lot of chaos going on right now, but part of that is the excitement. They are pivoting and being opportunistic within the marketplace by taking the chaos and building structure and processes out of it.

“Wanted to let you know that our 275-gallon donation of hand sanitizer arrived at a retirement community in Florida. It was successfully broken down into 5-gallon buckets and delivered to 30 different retirement communities in the local area. They love it and are so thankful. We are making a difference!”