Author: Eric Honeycutt

With the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies immediately began to cut back on hiring and laying off their employees. As a team, that’s not what we wanted to do. Instead, we put the pedal to the floor and did the opposite. We decided to hire more people, increase our employees’ hours and within a week, we sent over 100 gallons of hand sanitizer to a chain of hospitals in Houston to help support their donations. We were not only helping our community, but also our employees. This is the time for us to live out one of our core values – walk like a lion with no fear and do what needs to get done and take care of our people.

Element has a small customer that purchases about once a quarter in small quantities. Sharp International had not had time to prepare this customer’s order prior to the truck arriving, so Chase went out to the warehouse and toted off a drum and labeled the customer’s order. This action speaks loudly that the owner of the company will fulfill a customer’s order just to ensure that even the small customers are seen and taken care of. 

The biggest example of how our company lives its values is how quickly we were able to change gears with the hand sanitizing business. We pivoted quickly from our oilfield business declining and potentially closing down our offices and businesses to distributing tens of thousands of gallons of hand sanitizers a week and we hardly skipped a beat.

From a radiating positivity standpoint, our team dedicated 14-15 hours a day, seven days a week for nearly a month to support the community. Our teams, across the board, from sales operations to the tactical teams, everyone stayed positive during these times and in the end, we won with integrity.

From an integrity perspective, our company had to make sure to not only produce a product that was FDA compliant but to also use the best materials we could source to produce a premium hand sanitizing product. There are many people who are producing hand sanitizing products that are not meeting all regulatory requirements and as a management team, we made sure that to meet every single requirement regardless if it slowed us down or hurt our profit margin.

At Coalition, we care about what we do and how we do it. We are traditionally an oilfield chemical company, but with an opportunity presenting itself during a tragic time, we pushed into unknown territory to help our people and the community. During the entire process of lifting the hand sanitizer initiative off the ground, we were faced with many challenges. We needed to work and learn quickly from sales to operations to technical – the regulatory requirements that needed to get the job done. Rather than saying, “we couldn’t do it”, we came together as a team and overcame each challenge as they arise. We were able to turn around a hand sanitizer operation within two weeks and shipped and donated the products to hospitals and the local community. This wouldn’t be possible if every one of our team members didn’t walk as lions.

Our company foundation has been built on bringing culture to the forefront of everything we do and utilizing it effectively. Together, Trent and Chase have consistently focused on growing our company while maintaining a positive attitude and energy, throughout. That focus has enabled us to apply Culture Index to its full potential, internally for our employees as well as for applicants who are interested in our company. Culture Index gives us a technique to understand the behavior, interpersonal skills, and abilities of our applicants and employees to ensure they are positive, happy, and fulfilled in their roles.

We win with integrity. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people and companies tried to enter the disinfectant and/or hand sanitizer market. As a specialized chemical blending and distributing company, we have access to the raw materials needed to produce EPA regulated disinfectants. However, the requests from different companies were for a blending of “knock-off” disinfectants, that are not EPA approved. Our technical team realized it would not have been processed the right way and we opted not to sell.

One gallon can make a difference. One tote can make a huge difference. From the sales side, we have the 1 or 1000. We sold a tote of hand sanitizer to a company in Florida which was distributed to 5-10 nursing homes.

The teams across all three companies – Element, Mission, and Sharp – came together and stepped up to the game during the COVID-19 pandemic. With new people, new talents, and a new challenge, we turned an oilfield plant around in a matter of weeks to procure raw materials to produce high-quality hand sanitizers.